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❶Learn more about the art of the five minute favor here: Add Completed Training Courses to the Education section if they are relevant to the job you seek.

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This means you should be adding a degree, certification, or training to your resume within this time frame. Training can be a great way to supplement the absence of a degree or certification on your resume.

The training can be on and off the job. Below is an example training list for an aspiring project manager who is not certified. Believe it or not, candidates still include this statement at the bottom of resumes. You are wasting valuable resume space by making an obvious statement.

So do yourself a favor and remove this statement from your resume. Everyone should have career goals but not everyone formulates an effective plan if any plan at all. After all, the only person responsible for your success is you. Working on your career and yourself throughout the year is being a good steward of your success and will pay off in the end. You often have to take extra steps in the process that an external applicant does not. It is very important that you employ the same tactics you would as if applying for an external position.

The job could depend on it. According to Forbes online Job Seekers should do 7 things when applying for internal jobs:. In addition to this information, here is how I advise my clients on navigating through the internal job process:. Determine if you are qualified and meet the minimum requirements for the position. Know the notice period — it could be up to 90 days at some companies.

When you inform your manager, have a transition plan ready. To give yourself an advantage, have a transition plan ready for when you leave your current position to help with the transition. Offer to be available for a specific period of time while you migrate to your new position.

While creating a transition plan may not be your responsibility, creating one may decrease the anxiety of backfilling your current position. This sets you up for success. This helps you beat out your competitors. Prepare a current, tailored resume. Many companies ask for resumes from internal candidates to compare skill sets against the requirements for the position. Listen to Episode 6 for tips on tailoring your resume. If you tell just one person, chances are the information will get out.

Follow company procedure for applying for an open position. Contact your local HR representative for procedures on applying for internal positions. Treat the internal process the same as the external job process by taking it seriously. Follow internal policies and tell your manager even if you are not required. Submit a current, tailored resume.

Send a thank you note. Following these tips will lead you to greater success. Task for the week: Career Tip of the Week: Review your education and training on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Be sure to update your skill set every five years new degree, new certification, new training, etc.

LinkedIn is not just another social media channel. This weekend on my BlogTalkRadio show , I shared my best tips on what to do with your LinkedIn profile once you have created one. Very often, people create a LinkedIn profile or have one created for them and forget about it or only log on when searching for a job. In reality, you are already behind the eight ball if you log on only when you need a job or once in a blue moon. The name of the game on LinkedIn is engagement if you want to be successful on LinkedIn.

Below are a few highlights from Episode 12 on what to do now that your profile is created. It is a social media platform for professionals to connect. LinkedIn is the HubSpot for building relationships to achieve goals and also the number one place where businesses go to look for people to hire.

Most people on LinkedIn connect with the intention of doing business together in some shape or form. Check LinkedIn for new messages, or notifications twice per day.

This takes seconds if you use the app and even faster if you use the desktop version. Log on once in the morning or at lunchtime and once at the end of your work day. If you are in the job market, check messages often and respond quickly.

Do not rely on just the email notifications to alert you when you have a new or incoming message. Emails often get missed in the mix of all the emails you get on a daily basis.

Post a status update times per week ideally every other day. B est days to post are Monday mornings between 8: Use sites like Buffer and HootSuite to help you schedule posts automatically. Give and thank connections for endorsements. They also let your connections validate the strengths found on your own profile. Skill endorsements are a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network. Some recruiters use endorsements as a way to validate the skill set you are claiming on your resume.

If a large number of people have endorsed you for a skill, chances are you have that skill. LinkedIn does a nice job of suggesting jobs on almost every page on side banners. Please note that employers cannot see your job search activity and the jobs page. LinkedIn allows you to use your profile to apply for jobs. Consider submitting a tailored resume include your LinkedIn profile on the resume. You are wasting opportunities if you are not using a tailored resume to apply.

Make 10 connections per day to grow your network: Start connecting with people close to you, from work, high school, college, friends, family, people you meet at events, gatherings, etc. Then use Gmail, Email, phone address book, and Facebook contacts. LIONS are a great resource when it comes to connecting. Be sure to personalize your connection message whenever possible. The strategy I recommend to my clients is connecting with people who you have something in common or common interests.

Groups are a great way to stay connected and engage with your network. You are able to make connections with other group members. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for success. If you are going to spend time on social media, spend it on the channel that will enhance your career and lead you to success.

Click here to learn more about the show: Below is a list of 9 tips to help keep you in the game: Do not go Shopping on Black Friday! While it is very tempting to take advantage of a few sales during Black Friday, use this time to polish up your resume and interviewing skills. Focus on finding a job before you spend loads of money. No need to rack up credit cards before you land the new job.

Believe me, your competition is most likely shopping anyway. So give yourself a leg up while the competition is low. Getting Started is Scary… What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.

Instead of thinking the worst, think of the unknown possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. Write the steps needed to achieve your goals. All goals need an action plan or they have the risk of failure. Writing steps down makes the vision clearer about what investments time, money, resources, etc. The list should be segmented into sections as seen in the below example: Update your resume — This should be done at least once per year.

Update your internal company profile most people forget this — Companies often look internally before they post externally. If your profile is unfinished or blank you could miss an opportunity.

The more you know the stronger your position among your competition. Write a book — sharing is caring. Great ideas should be recorded for posterity. What better way to establish yourself as a thought leader than to write a book?

Here is an easy way to get started http: Take a vacation without kids — Vacations reduce stress and offer a time of revitalization. Learn more about the art of the five minute favor here: Those who have served should not have to be retrained for a civilian career for which the military has already trained us and provided extensive experience.

By obtaining a civilian career license or certification, a military veteran may attain a higher economic living standard. You can receive reimbursement for licensing and certification tests you take on or after March 1, These tests must be specifically approved for the G. VA can pay only for the cost of the tests and not other fees connected with obtaining a license or certification.

You may be eligible for Priority of Service if — You served in the United States military; or were activated as a member of a National Guard or Reserve unit.

Or are the spouse of— A veteran who died of a service connected disability; A member of the Armed Forces who is: Missing in action; Captured in line of duty; or Forcibly detained by a foreign government or power; A veteran who has a Department of Veteran Affairs total disability rating A veteran who died while a Department of Veterans Affairs total disability rating existed.

The State of Montana has the following benefits available to honorably discharged veterans: Discharge papers are recorded without charge by the Clerk and Recorder of each county in a book provided for this purpose.

Copies of recorded Discharges are furnished without charge when needed for Veterans Administration claims, State Bonuses and some other claims by or for the individual veteran. The County Commissioners make the determination as to residency.

This can be paid to any such resident veteran who dies when he is temporarily absent from the State on account of illness, on temporary employment, or vacationing. If any veteran leaves Montana to reside or is residing elsewhere at the time of death, the individual is not eligible for the burial benefit. Tuition waivers are provided at the units of the University of Montana system. This is available only to wartime veterans no longer eligible for VA educational benefits and who are Montana residents.

Tuition waivers are provided at the units of the University of Montana system for orphans or children of veterans who dies in service, or dies of service incurred disabilities. If this person serves on active duty in the armed forces between his 18th and 23rd birthdays, then the period of eligibility is extended to five years after his first discharge or release from such active duty. In no event can the period of eligibility be extended beyond the 31st birthday.

Honorably discharged veterans of the United States may receive preference when applying for positions in which they are qualified, in State, County, or Municipal appointments.

Honorably discharged veterans, who are Montana residents, are eligible to apply for admission to the Montana Veterans Home. Spouses and surviving spouses of honorably discharged Montana veterans are also eligible to apply. Certain disabled veterans are eligible for free fishing and reduced hunting licenses.

Other than dishonorably discharged veterans and their spouses are eligible for burial in the State Veterans Cemetery. Department of Veterans Affairs Work Registration Registering for work enables your access to online job searching, uploading a resume, employment notifications and allows employers to seek your resume for potential employment.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance Most employers spend less than 30 seconds scanning the resume. Application Assistance Many companies require applicants to register and apply online. Interview Assistance Once you have secured the interview, we can assist you with tips for acing the interview with practice in mock interviews. Resource Center Computers, Internet, Montana Career Information System, copiers, fax machine, printers, and phones are available for your job search needs.

Currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. A recently-separated service member within the last 3 years and at any point in the previous 12 months has been unemployed for 27 or more consecutive weeks. An offender who is currently incarcerated or has been released from incarceration within the last 12 months.

Lacking a high school diploma or equivalent certificate. A veteran between 18 and 24 years of age. The spouse of a service member who died of a service connected disability, has been missing in action for more than 90 days, captured in the line of duty by hostile force for more than 90 days, forcibly denied or interned in the line of duty by a foreign government or power for more than 90 days or who has a total disability permanent in nature of resulting from a service connected disability or who has died as a result of a service connected disability.

Veterans Re-Employment Get help as you transition from military to civilian life

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