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6th Grade Math Worksheets: Exponents

Exponents for 6th Graders

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Intro to Exponents

Exponent Rules Part 2. In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy teaches you the rules of exponents. Exponent Rules Part 1. The Continuous Compound Interest Formula and an example with its solution.

This website lists all of the rules for exponents along with some examples. It also has the rules for logarithms. This website has the basic rules of exponents and some rules about multiplication. The World of Math Online. AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts.

Immediate feedback prevents practicing and learning incorrect methods, which is a common result of traditional homework and worksheets. Practice can continue as long as desired in a non-threatening format which helps build self-esteem and confidence.

In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy introduces you to negative exponents. There are two parts of an exponent: An exponent is simply a number multiplied by itself a certain number of times. The power tells you how many times to multiply the two: There are several instances in which you might use an exponent. Perhaps the most basic of these instances are area and volume calculations. To calculate the area of a square, you would multiply its length by its width.

Because these two values are the same all sides of a square are equal , you would be multiplying a number by itself — or squaring it. The same idea would hold true when calculating volume.

You can calculate the volume of a cube by multiplying its length, times its width, times its height. Exponents are also used in scientific notation.

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Exponents allow us to represent repeated multiplication with a short notation. This lesson will explain what an exponent is, and how you can can use. You'll learn to solve complex equations that use exponents.

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