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It also keeps the working notebook from getting too full. On a regular basis, preferably at the end of each week, your child should remove all notes, homework, and other papers not needed for class the next week and clip them together.

Your child should then review the material, make a list of the main points covered in class that week, and write a summary in his own words. The next step is to attach the list and summary to the clipped-together work and to store the packet in a pocket of the accordion file.

It is best to have one accordion file with four to six sections for each subject. The goal with this system is to eventually have you child apply these strategies independently, but many children will need significant help and practice with an adult before they can do this on their own. The reference notebook is a smaller three-ring binder or a section at the back of the working notebook.

It should contain handouts and lists of information your child needs to reference quickly in class. Some items to include follow:.

A good assignment book is essential for completing homework successfully. While some students buy three- by five-inch spiral pads for recording assignments, the pages are too small, the lines are too thin, and there are not visual dividers to separate assignments. A good assignment book is eight and a half by eleven inches, with three holes for inserting it into the working notebook, neatly divided sections, and plenty of room on each page. To help your child organize homework, you can create a homework checklist with the following items for each subject:.

Routines about when and where homework is completed are essential. While students will not usually admit to it, they all benefit from structure for completing homework. This is especially relevant for students with learning disabilities.

The structure can be imposed by you or by teachers. Your child should have an identified study space in the home. Preferably, the space should be used solely for school work. The space should be free of visual and auditory distractions including games, TV, radio, and other children.

It should have a clear work surface, good light, and a comfortable yet well-structured chair. All necessary supplies should be on hand before the child starts, including a dictionary, pencils, paper, ruler, and calculator.

On the first day of school, you should establish a routine with your child for completing homework. For example, some students with attention weaknesses work best if they spend no more than fifteen minutes on a subject, move to another assignment for fifteen minutes, and then return to the original assignment rather than work continuously on the same assignment.

Some students do better if they spend a half-hour after school on homework, then take a break to play or eat dinner, then complete the homework. Starting in the third or fourth grade, your child should be trained and encouraged to use daily schedule books and calendars. By posting a large "family" calendar in a common area, all members of your family can write in and check events, such as sports practices, family outings, and school dates.

Also encourage your child to use the monthly calendar in his working notebook. The child should transfer his personal events from the family calendar to the notebook calendar. He should also note upcoming tests, long-term assignment due dates such as a book report due a week later , appointments with the school guidance counselor, and vacation days. Unless your child regularly refers to the calendar, its value will diminish.

Daily planners can be used to sketch out how homework, play time, club meetings, and the like can be worked into each day. This helps avoid the conflict that often occurs about when to do homework, since you will reach a decision together based on the available hours in a day.

It also shows your child that his free time is valued and will also be scheduled. Students with learning disabilities often have difficulty with the simplest aspects of time and planning, and these deficits may not be readily apparent. I once knew a very bright teenager with learning disabilities who thought that "quarter after four" meant 4: Ask teachers what organization structures they provide, what they expect from students, and how you can help your child organize materials and study effectively.

Be willing to check, sign, and return a homework sheet each night to maintain communications between you and the teacher. Ask the teacher to note how long each assignment should take to complete, then note back to the teacher how long it actually took. This is essential information for the teacher to make appropriate modifications to homework assignments. Many students are not active readers or listeners. Though they hear what the teacher says and read the words on a page, they do not fully or accurately process the information.

This need is met by teaching students how to recognize main ideas and put them in their own words. Most of us use main idea skills everyday. For example, we easily find items in the supermarket because products are arranged in main idea categories, such as dairy, bakery, and produce. Similarly, we tune in to the second half of a news broadcast to hear the weather because news stories are grouped into main idea categories, such as national news, local news, sports and weather.

Individuals with learning disabilities often have difficulty "chunking" or sorting information into units or main ideas. Instead, they become overwhelmed by the myriad of details. Children in primary grades can begin to identify main ideas by categorizing lists of objects and words. As students progress from grades three to five, they can learn to discern main ideas at the paragraph level. The basic skill of identifying main ideas is the foundation skill for more advanced study skills, such as summarizing, note-taking, and textbook skills.

It is therefore the most important skill for students to acquire. In identifying main ideas, the most basic task is to identify the category that applies to a list of words. For example, fruit is the main idea for a list that includes apple, pear, peach, and banana. The thinking process that enables a student to come up with the answer fruit includes holding one detail in working memory apple long enough to compare it to the next detail pear , then determining what the two have in common.

As the student adds each new detail peach, then banana , he compares it to the previous items to test against the main idea fruit for accuracy. This thinking process occurs in a millisecond. Most of us are not even aware of following these steps. Finding the main idea for a list of words that are abstract e. Once students can categorize, the next skill to develop is recognizing and formulating the main ideas of individual paragraphs.

This is a basic skill in reading for meaning. The rest of the paragraph usually conveys details that support the main idea. Students should be encouraged to search for topic sentences as they read. They should also be encouraged to use topics sentences when writing their own paragraphs. Though the topic sentence is often the first sentence in a paragraph, this is not always the case. The topic sentence can sometimes be in the middle or at the end of a paragraph.

Sometimes the main idea is not even stated; rather, it must be inferred by reading the detail sentences. When reading, ask your child to underline or highlight the main idea if it is stated in a topic sentence.

If the main idea has to be inferred, ask your child to write it in his own words in the margin or on a piece of paper. This skill will eventually enable your child to highlight and take margin notes in textbooks. Lecture material can also be grouped into main ideas. Some teachers list main ideas before presenting to the class, which helps students chunk the information into smaller, more manageable units.

Other teachers present detailed information without main idea cues; students need to infer the main ideas. If your child has difficulty determining the main ideas, ask the teacher to supply a list of main ideas at least a day before a lecture. By reviewing the list with your child ahead of time, he will be better able to follow the lecture. Many reading assignments, such as textbook chapters, contain a hierarchy of main ideas and sub-main ideas.

Chapter sections, usually marked by bold-faced section headings, are the sub-main ideas. Finally, each paragraph within a section has a main idea. Before reading a chapter, have your child note the main idea and sub-main ideas by writing down the chapter title and bold-faced section headings from the chapter. This breaks the reading assignment into manageable units. Your child can then read each paragraph within a section and note its main idea.

Also, knowing the main ideas before a lesson or lengthy reading assignment gives students a hook to hang the details. It enables students to anticipate what they will be hearing or reading. One way for your child to practice identifying main ideas is to create titles for articles in the newspaper.

Most papers have sections with one-paragraph stories; often, they are abbreviated international or national news items.

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