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150 Great Articles and Essays to Read Online - The Net's Best Nonfiction

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❶Some of they are still currently continuing to write.


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Fearless, inventive, persistent, beautiful, or just plain badass—here are some of the living authors who shake us awake, challenge our ideas of who we are, embolden our actions, and, above all, inspire us to live life more fully and creatively. Add your favorites to the list in the comments section below. Chinua Achebe The best-selling Nigerian novelist sets universal tales of personal and moral struggle in the context of the tragic drama of colonization. Uwem Akpan His is the perfect story line: Jesuit priest from Nigeria becomes a best-selling, Oprah-chosen author.

Elizabeth Alexander There was too much chatter about the quality of the poem. What matters is that she was up there reading it—a poem! Aharon Appelfeld As William Giraldi wrote, he is "a man for whom language is dangerous, a man who measures every word because every word is sacred. John Ashbery One of the best and most enduring poets that this country is lucky enough to have.

Alison Bechdel The graphic memoirist shows us that perhaps the truest way to make sense of memory is by investigating the pictures of our past both physical and mental. You can count on a damn good book of fiction under the tree every year. Anne Carson She was bending genres like silly straws long before it was fashionable or commercially successful to do so. Susanna Clarke She took one of the staples of fantasy writing, the magician, and turned it into a high literary epic, removing Jonathan Strange and Mr.

Norrell from the confines of genre entirely. Cornelius Eady and Toi Derricotte Two poets, two words: The fact that they have eleven poetry collections between them is icing on the cake.

He might just be the hardest-working writer in publishing. Lawrence Ferlinghetti The last Bohemian. A cofounder of City Lights Bookstore. Author of A Coney Island of the Mind. His audience treats him like a rock star. Because he is one. Donald Hall The image of the eighty-one-year-old on the cover of Unpacking the Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry pretty much says it all. Kathryn Harrison It takes courage to write The Kiss. Brenda Hillman Reminds us that the language we use when ordering a sandwich is also the language we use to make art.

Her environmental concerns prove writers can offer more than just aesthetic pleasure. Philip Levine He conveys and memorializes the struggles of the American working class in a way that is authentic, heartfelt, and all too rare in contemporary poetry. Cormac McCarthy He made it okay for literary snobs to read bloody westerns and postapocalyptic thrillers.

Toni Morrison A portrait of strength and beauty, the Nobel laureate writes utterly compelling novels about the whole arc of American experience. Haruki Murakami He consistently demonstrates how far the narrative form can bend and proves that a story with surrealist tendencies can be both moving and compelling. Lucia Perillo Stares down multiple sclerosis and laughs in its face. Plus, anyone who has the guts to title a book of poems Inseminating the Elephant has our vote.

Writers are the people who produce written material to communicate ideas. Writing encompasses several genres and writers may write for occupational purposes or as an outlet for their creativity. Professional writers include screenwriters, content writers, journalists, etc.

Others like short story writers and novelists often begin writing as hobby before converting it to a full time profession. James Howell, a 17th century historian cum writer was the first writer to earn his living from writing alone in the English language; other writers of those times pursued writing as a hobby, not a profession as writing alone never paid enough.

The famous American writer Edgar Allan Poe tried to earn a living solely from writing but that resulted in a life of poverty and misery. Times have changed now with writers being paid well for their jobs, encouraging more and more people to try their hands at this art.

That place needed his hero who could cheer up the local population living in poverty. Regular attacks force the famous artist to transfer to France. Fitzgerald, born in , is famous US short story writer and novelist. Fitzgerald was an optimistic person who described the inspiration and excesses of his age.

The citizen of New Jersey from the Jewish family managed to create several masterpieces. American artist Normal Mailer finished Harvard; this university made him love literature. Harvard rewarded the famous author with corresponding appreciation. Find the best writing ideas by clicking on this link. Female author Joan Didion is still available: While her parents spend entire days at work, the little girl tried to read all possible books found in their apartment.

Her Bachelor Degree Arts and English language helped her passion. This popular American genius developed his distinctive style which is still copied by modern artists. Every essay he wrote was simple to read.

He avoided introducing new topics or using complex words; you can see it from his most famous essays:. Another famous writer is Robert Atwan.

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I also decided to include only American writers, so such outstanding English-language essayists as Chris Arthur and Tim Robinson are missing, though they have appeared in The Best American Essays series. And I selected essays, not essayists. A list of the top ten essayists since would feature some different writers.

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Note: there are many, many, many great essays on writing. Bias has been extended here to personal favorites and those available to read online. Bias has been extended here to personal favorites and those available to read online.

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At school, teachers assign homework writing tasks. Essays by famous American writers aim to prepare students for the potential career challenges associated with writing. Famous American authors who have introduced world’s best novels accomplished popular essays. Some of them describe one’s life. There are a great amount of interesting, fascinating works, essays, literary works, which were written by the great world famous authors and writers. More than three centuries ago, the first essay was published at first.

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The first writers on Earth were not actually writing – they were drawing pictures of the daily life. That was long before the actual writing started. Those days one did not have to be creative to “write” – a piece of chalk and a cave wall was more than enough. Synonym of assignment lazybones - famous essay writers in the world Graduation speech essay that's three weeks late study for tomorrow's exam study for any other exam cry #almostthere quick draw carol ann duffy essays.