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Students must meet College Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration, including the requirements of the major listed below.

Human Resource Management students must attain a 2. Students must follow the Major Requirements and College Requirements current at the time of declaration. Students not continuously enrolled who have not been approved for a Leave of Absence or study elsewhere must follow University, College, and Major requirements current at the time of re-enrollment.

Please refer to the Guide to HR Badges for the program structure. These courses make up the Organizational Leadership Minor. However, they cannot be double counted for HRM major requirements if applied toward the Organizational Leadership Minor. This course may be offered multiple semesters with different topics.

It can be applied once toward the major. It can be used as a free elective if completed with a different topic. This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

Leadership and Organizational Management. Field of Study Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Fields of study: Honors Leadership and Organizational Management. Must be enrolled in one of the following Cohorts: Introduction to Human Resource Management. Power, Influence and Negotiation.

Leading People at Work. Leadership in the 21st Century. Must be enrolled in one of the following Colleges: Intrapreneurship in the 21st Century. Human Resource Management and Public Policy. International Human Resource Management. Special Topics - Human Resource Management. This course may be repeated for additional credit. Co-op Experience in Human Resource Management.

Honors Managing People at Work. From the Locker Room to the Board Room. Honors, The Leadership Experience: Must be enrolled in one of the following Classes: Organizational Staffing and Career Management.

Critical Skills for Effective Managers. Honors Senior Thesis II. Students fulfill all requirements for both majors. College Requirements Students must meet College Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration, including the requirements of the major listed below. Major Requirements Students must follow the Major Requirements and College Requirements current at the time of declaration. As we go through life there will be natural changes that we must deal with.

For college students this involves for many being on their own for the first time, picking a major, trying to figure out a work career, dealing with a roommate and other known challenges. One goal is to face each crisis in as healthy a way as possible, without physically or emotionally hurting others or ourselves.

The recent Northern Illinois and Virginia Tech University tragedies are an extreme example of how someone can lash out violently. We also attack ourselves, if not physically then mentally.

Often a crisis forces conflict and then leads to self-reflection, e. The more prepared we are to deal with a crisis and conflict , the better we can come through it, helping ourselves and perhaps affected others too.

This course prepares students to address the challenges of leading high performing organizations. Students will examine the enablers of principled organizational leadership and performance. Course topics include leadership, change management, decision-making, culture, team building, organizational structure and control, communication, social responsibility and sustainability, motivation, human resource management, and globalization.

Open only to business designated Honors students or with special permission. What role do human resources play in organizations? How can human resources strategically add value to organizations? In this course you will survey pertinent topics related to human resource management to better understand the essential function of HRM. For instance, you will learn processes and methods to recruit and select top talent and give your organization a competitive advantage; how to train employees, conduct performance appraisals, retain employees, and motivate employees with pay and benefits.

HR processes and policies will be discussed with an appreciation for the legal environment dictating the practice of HRM. After completing this course, you should have a grasp of the nature and extent of the current global environmental crisis, an understanding of the concept of sustainability, an appreciation of how organizations can take action toward sustainability through the pursuit of the "triple bottom line," and a sense of how you can contribute to the emerging "green collar workforce.

Examines how influence, power, and politics are related to effective negotiation and leadership; practical and ethical issues related to negotiating tactics and conflict management are addressed.

Experiential and applied exercises facilitate learning effective supervisor and negotiator strategies. This course uses Emotional Intelligence EI as a foundation for exploring critical leadership and management skills needed in the work place.

EI consists of self-awareness, self-management, relationship awareness and relationship management. Topics of study include: Explores interpersonal and managerial communication strategies in an organizational setting. Emphasis is on understanding communication practices and structures consistent with prominent approaches to management.

Students also examine the conceptual underpinnings of effective communication, enhance their presentation and writing skills, and conduct a communication audit in a local business. This course helps guide students towards becoming effective and ethical leaders. Development will occur through self-assessments, experiential exercises, and critical examination of effective and ineffective approaches to leadership in the modern business environment and society at large. Major topics of study include: This course will help students understand and appreciate the dynamics of sustainable organizational leadership that engages with the human, financial, social, and natural environments to promote collective and individual prosperity.

This course is primarily designed to prepare individuals desiring to work in a corporate human resource function, especially those individuals responsible for recruiting, compensation, training and development, employee relations, HRIS Human Resource Information Systems , or interaction with other corporate staff functions.

You may identify a great opportunity for your organization to improve its products, services, sustainability, or treatment of employees or other stakeholders. Or you may see ways for your organization to adapt to threatening external events.

Developing good ideas for change is only part of the solution. The most challenging aspect of change may lie in convincing your organization to act on your ideas.

This course focuses on the challenges in implementing change in organizations, and overcoming these challenges - in other words, how to be an effective intrapreneur.

Fall — present Anticipated Graduate Program: Master of Accountancy, Expected Graduation: Fall — present Accepted to the Class of Master of Accountancy. August Bachelor of Business Administration, Graduation: Fall — present. Spring — present.

It is important to start each bullet in the experience section of your resume with an action verb. Please refer to this partial list of action verbs when writing your document. List of Action Verbs. Toggle search form Search for:

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CSPD Resume Guide. The CSPD resume template is designed to help your resume stand out among dozens, perhaps hundreds of candidate resumes. Please keep in mind, this is to be used as a “guide,” not the only format you can consider. Ultimately, you make the final decision as to what format to use and what information will be included in your resume.

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Serving All Temple Students. We offer a variety of services to help our students make a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace. Whether you're seeking information, an internship, employment, or considering graduate school, our staff is here to help you own your future.

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Build a Resume. It is never too early to build your own resume. Complete this step by using the resources on this page to create or update your resume by adding internships, part-time jobs, research, leadership, and volunteer experience. If you attended another college before coming to Temple University, include it only if you make reference to it elsewhere in your resume or cover letter. Do not include your high school unless is it nationally recognized (Baldwin, Shipley), or perhaps, in a country or .

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Career Resources We have created several documents that students can use to help with externship and future employment opportunities. The sample resume and cover letter can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of recent Temple Nursing graduates as well. The following are sample resumes for you to view and get an idea of how to format your resume. Sample Resume for Teacher: COE Teacher Resume Sample Sample Resume for Health and Human Services: Resume.