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We ban all bots. Let me know if you think I need to change anything. AP european history essays are usually scored on a scale from , so if you could give me a score that would be great. What core of ideas and attitudes most clearly connects Enlightenment thinkers as revealed in these sources? How do these ideas relate to eighteenth-century society and institutions? The Enlightenment was a th century movement mostly concentrated among the aristocratic elite of Europe.

The enlightenment could be described as a philosophical movement that did away with Medieval thought and ushered in the Modern era. Enlightenment thinkers, thought they disagreed on many things, tended to emphasize the same core ideas: Some of these ideas made their way into law through enlightened monarchs.

It necessarily results, that man in his researches ought always to fall back on experience, and natural philosophy. This description perfectly captures the two most important ideals of enlightenment thinkers: Enlightenment thinkers very much disliked the idea of using anything but their own reason and experience to draw conclusions.

Their heavy reliance on reason made them quite skeptical. They only accepted something as truth after scrutinizing it for any possible inconstancy. He contents himself with being able to discover it wherever he may chance find it. He does not confound it with its semblance; but takes for true that which is true, for false that which is false, for doubtful that which is doubtful, and for probable that which is only probable. Organized religion did not hold up to this heavy scrutiny of Enlightenment philosophers.

Most enlightenment philosophers thought that Christianity was superstitious and outdated, and rejected it in favor of deism. Enlightenment thinkers were also very opposed to censorship and intolerance. Locke, in his Letter Concerning Tolerance , said that it was necessary to "distinguish exactly the business of civil government from that of religion.

All of these ideas promoted by enlightenment thinkers heavily impacted eighteenth century institutions. Many of these ideas found their way into the government through enlightened monarchs such as Fredrick the Great and Catherine the Great. Enlightened monarchs promoted enlightenment ideals such as freedom of thought and freedom of religion. Even though they differed in many aspects, enlightenment thinkers were connected by core ideas they all shared.

In the words of historian Frank Manuel,. They preached religious toleration, free speech, a free press. They were in favor of the sanctions of law to protect individual liberties and they were against tyranny which governed by caprice. They wanted equality of all citizens before the law and were opposed to any recognition of social distinctions when men were brought to justice Most of them believed that it did not require the threat of eternal torment in hell to make moral ideas generally accepted among mankind.

They were convinced that the overwhelming number of men, if their natural goodness were not perverted in childhood, would act in harmony with simple rules and the dictates of rational principles. Just wanted to comment saying be very careful when putting your essays up for review online. You might be accused of plagiarism. I think there are some minor technical and structural issues that could be improved upon, especially in relation to answering the prompt. You spend most of the paper repeating the same idea: Enlightenment thought is, among other things, defined by an emphasis on rationality and reason as vital tools you might also mention the heavy focus on a practical, rather than religious, education.

What does all this new Enlightenment thought mean for Europe? What effect did the Enlightenment have on European governments and citizens?

Cite specific examples of change that was brought about by Enlightenment thought. Also, I think it might be wise to include some context: Who were some transitional Enlightenment figures i. Was there opposition to the Enlightenment? You certainly understand the fundamental concepts of the Enlightenment.

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